Saber Bot

A bot for scheduling events for your Discord Community. Designed for use in any discord server, be it an individuals private server, a small guild's servers, or a large discord gaming community.

Saber is developed in Java 8 with the JDA discord api. This bot is currently being hosted, and is available to invite to your discord server.


Rider Bot & Heroku Conversion

Rider wasn't generating enough usage to justify it's resource usage, and so I have discontinued support.

A simple 'Looking For Group' bot to add party-finder like functionality to your Discord Server. Designed for medium to large discord communities, Rider keeps your communities looking for group channel clean and clutter-free.

Rider is developed in Java 8 with the JDA discord api. I am no longer hosting an instance of this bot.

G4M3R @

Unfortunately, I have left G4M3R's development team. However, development is very much still alive and active under the current team.

G4M3R bot is a gaming community-oriented bot which aims to provide discord communities with the tools to plan events, organize tournaments, and connect with other Discord communities.

For the most part G4M3R-bot will supercede my own bots, providing both event scheduling and group forming features. With it's interactive command system and Express based web interface, I believe G4M3R has great potential as a community tool.

G4M3R is a derivative of the (now defunct) AwesomeBot project. G4M3R is developed using the Node.js runtime environment.