ALERT: Support for this bot has been dropped. If you need help setting up your own self-hosted instance of the bot, contact me on discord.

Rider bot


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Command Action Example
r/lfg creates a group with no player limit r/lfg expert trials roulette
r/lf[x]m creates a group with a player limit of [x] r/lf4m expert trials roulette
r/join joins a group by group name or user @mention r/join @Rider#0028
r/leave leaves the group that you are in, if you are in one r/leave
r/close deletes your active LFG group, if you have one r/close
r/kick removes the user from your group r/kick @Rider#0028
r/help DM's the user a list of commands and details r/help
r/setup DM's the user a guide to setting up the bot on their server r/setup